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      Luxembourg confirmed as leading Eurozone financial centre

      Luxembourg confirmed as leading Eurozone financial centre

      The 20th Global Financial Center Index, published today by Z/Yen in London, confirms Luxembourg as the leading financial centre of the Eurozone and the second in the EU after London. Luxembourg has not only asserted its position but has climbed in the global ranking to 12th place (from 14th). It outranks other EU financial centres such as Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris and Amsterdam, as well as major non EU hubs like Geneva, Toronto and Dubai.

      This ranking is based on a global industry survey as well as in-depth study of a number of competitiveness factors, such as business environment, human capital, taxation, reputation, infrastructures and financial sector development.

      Luxembourg is the only European financial centre that is ranked in the top 15 of global financial centres that are "likely to become more significant in the future".

      This confirms Luxembourg as one of the leading hubs in the EU for major international financial institutions looking to expand their activities internationally. Indeed, Luxembourg is the largest investment fund centre in Europe, second to the United States globally, and hosts more than 140 international banks. It is also committed to leading the drive towards digital financial services and play a pioneering role in climate finance.

      The GFCI report can be found here.