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      Pushing the case for FinTech

      Pushing the case for FinTech

      Luxembourg For Finance participated in high-level FinTech conferences across the globe in order to further develop and position Luxembourg as a leading FinTech hub.

      Nicolas Mackel, CEO of Luxembourg for Finance, spoke at Sibos in Geneva, which gathers more than 7,000 international participants from the banking and IT sector.

      Mackel participated in a spotlight panel, organised by Innotribe, a SWIFT spin-off focusing on FinTech, which heard from different global FinTech hubs. He told a packed audience that FinTech start-ups are attracted to the Eurozone´s leading financial centre because of its strong regulatory authority and direct access to the European market.

      LFF also travelled to Asia, to speak at the annual Rakuten FinTech Conference, gathering 1 800 participants and featuring renowned experts and entrepreneurs both from Japan and overseas to explore the cutting-edge of finance-related business on a global scale. Rakuten, a leading Japanese e-commerce and internet financial services company, has its EU headquarters and is licensed as a bank in Luxembourg from where it serves its European customers. LFF Deputy CEO, Tom Theobald participated in a panel “FinTech regulations: what should be regulated?”

      Watch the video here: