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      The Luxembourg Financial Industry Federation (PROFIL)

      12, rue Erasme
      BP 13
      L-2010 Luxembourg
      Tél.: +352 27 20 37 1
      Fax: +352 46 09 21

      Board of Directors

      • Marie-Hélène Massard, Chairwoman, (Luxembourg Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies)
      • Yves Maas, Vice-chairman (The Luxembourg Banker's Association)
      • Denise Voss, Vice-Chairman (Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry)
      • Pierre Lentz, Treasurer (Ordre des experts-comptables)
      • Olivier Deboeck, Member (Finance & Technology)
      • Serge De Cillia, Member (The Luxembourg Bankers' Association)
      • Jacques Cusumano, Member (Association luxembourgeoise des professionels du patrimoine)
      • Marc Hengen, Member (Luxembourg Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies)
      • Luc Holper, Member (SIX Payment Services S.A)
      • Jean-Michel Pacaud, Member (Institut des réviseurs d'entreprises)
      • Jean Schaffner, Member (Luxembourg Bar)
      • Robert Scharfe, Member (Luxembourg Stock Exchange)
      • Philippe Seyll, Member (Clearstream International)
      • Carlo Thelen, Member (Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce)
      • Carlo Thill, Member (Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce)
      • Camille Thommes, Member (Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry)
      • Jérôme Wittamer, Member (Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association)

      General secreteriat

      • Giovanna Bassani, Secretary-General