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      Private banking

      Today, Private Banking represents one of the leading activities of the Luxembourg financial centre. Financial sector professionals, including banks and wealth managers, dedicate a large part of their efforts to developing and delivering individually tailored services, aimed at increasingly demanding customers who expect the highest standards of professional support. Hence, numerous institutions and wealth managers have gained extensive expertise in the field of private banking, reflected in their comprehension of customer needs, quick response time, personal attention and discretion.

      The Luxembourg financial centre offers a complete range of services to both private and institutional investors. Experienced managers assist customers with the structuring of their wealth and their investment strategies.

      For wealthier customers, many banking institutions offer a global wealth structuring service which encompasses all the client’s assets (such as investments, life assurance and real estate) and includes optimised tax and heritage planning. Advisory and support services are provided not only by banks, but also by independent wealth managers and internationally reputed consultancy companies based in Luxembourg.

      Luxembourg law lays down very strict rules regarding customer privacy. These laws apply to all employees of credit establishments and forbid the transmission of any information relating to a customer account, except in certain cases expressly defined by the law.