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      HNWI & institutional investors

      In Luxembourg, wealthy private investors and institutional investors will find an ideal environment in which to put their assets to work.

      A high level of political, legal and tax stability, combined with a long standing tradition of investor protection and a resolutely outwards looking economy have enabled Luxembourg to develop, over the years, into the leading private banking centre in the euro zone and the second largest domicile worldwide for collective investment funds.

      As a member of the European Union, Luxembourg guarantees the free circulation of people, goods and services and applies the rules and standards of international institutions. Two regulatory authorities have responsibility for the prudential supervision of the financial sector. Although the legal and regulatory environment is largely pre-defined by European directives, the legislative body uses whatever room for manoeuvre is available to create an environment in which products and services can be designed for an international client base.

      Luxembourg offers a high – but not absolute – level of confidentiality, whilst applying strict rules in the area of anti money laundering and terrorist financing.

      As a result of its longstanding experience in dealing with international clients, the Luxembourg financial centre is particularly well adapted to meet the needs of families and companies with financial interests in several countries or jurisdictions.