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      Quality of (business) life in Luxembourg: Episode 2

      Quality of (business) life in Luxembourg: Episode 2

      Luxembourg For Finance has today launched the second film in a new video campaign to promote Luxembourg´s high quality of (business) life.  The five-part series features personalities, at different career stages, from across the financial centre who take you on a journey across Luxembourg to reveal their two favourite places. 

      Nigel Fielding, CEO of HSBC Luxembourg from 2010 - 2016, has a passion for music and is a regular concert-goer at Den Atelier. The live music club draws an eclectic mix of rock, pop and the hottest new bands to Luxembourg.

      “The Atelier was one of first live music venues, that created a scene in Luxembourg back in the early nineties, and many more have come since. What I like about it is, it is right in the heart of the city, it is small enough to be intimate for the audience, and it gets this tremendous variety of famous and new acts from all over the world. Bands like, UB40, Iron Maiden, The National, OMD, and Suede to name a few”, enthuses Nigel.

      British-born Nigel, enjoys the multicultural environment on offer in Luxembourg, reflected in the diversity of food and drink available across the country. A frequent business traveller, he has become an “unofficial” brand ambassador for Luxembourg´s national brewer “Bofferding”, now exporting its handcrafted brew across the globe.

      “I love beer and Bofferding is a wonderful traditional brewer that’s been going since 1764. When you visit the distillery you see the quality of the product and you also see the technology that they have brought to the business, and what I really like is that even in this relatively small country, a family-owned brewery has managed to build an export market into one of the biggest markets in the world, China.”

      After 17 years working in Luxembourg´s financial centre, Nigel has passed on the baton at HSBC but opted to remain in the Grand Duchy.

      ” My partner and I have decided to stay in Luxembourg because we love being here. You have all the nationalities living together in a country that works so well. When you think about the health system, the transport system and the infrastructure, it is just so easy to live here. It´s not something we gave a second thought to because Luxembourg is our home.”

      Quality of (business) life in Luxembourg: Episode 2 from Luxembourg For Finance on Vimeo.