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      Luxembourg : Finance and more

      Don’t believe all the stories you hear about Luxembourg.

      Here you will discover a financial center that offers great business opportunities and fast and flexible responses to changing market situations, against a background of political and social stability. But there is more to discover than finance. Luxembourg is home not only to castles and banks, but also cultural treasures and great entertainment. Luxembourg is worth a trip, be it professional or private. You will meet open minded people who speak your language.


      About the film project “Is it true what they say about Luxembourg?”

      The Luxembourg Government, in collaboration with several partners, has produced 10 short films to counter wide spread clichés about Luxembourg and present the country the way many inhabitants, visitors and investors experience it today. The films target communication professionals who promote Luxembourg abroad as well as the general public. The project is a joint initiative by the Information and Press Service of the Luxembourg Government, the Ministry of Tourism, Luxembourg for Business and Luxembourg for Finance.

      For further information, please go to the video platform