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      IFBL to offer Career Coaching

      IFBL to offer Career Coaching

      With the financial crisis, labour market requirements have become a real challenge for many financial sector professionals. The Institute for Training in Banking, Luxembourg (Institut de Formation Bancaire, Luxembourg – IFBL) has reacted to the rapidly evolving environment by complementing its broad range of technical training courses with a career coaching and personal development service. By doing so, the Institute aims to give its prime task – which is professional training – a more global and sustainable dimension.


      When presenting the Institute’s 2013 training course catalogue, IFBL General Manager Werner Eckes stated that the new service will address employers as well as individuals and local institutions developing strategies to combat unemployment.

      The IFBL will assist employers in guiding and mentoring their employees throughout their professional career, focusing on five topics: quality, mobility, diversity,  managerial career and outplacement.

      Individuals will be helped to start, boost and re-shape their career. These training courses take into account the evolving needs of employees throughout their professional career.

      The financial crisis has also motivated the Institute to also widen its range of technical training courses.

      It is public knowledge that the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the credit crunch and the ongoing euro zone sovereign debt crisis have prompted shareholders and regulators to require financial institutions to adopt prudential measures to safe-guard against financial shocks.

      With its new training course entitled “Capital Markets Crisis Management Initiative”, the Institute aims to provide traders, client advisors, internal auditors and risk managers with a sound understanding of the causes of the recent financial crisis as well as a deeper risk-consciousness in handling financial instruments in their portfolios.

      Detailed information about the new personal development service and the technical training courses on offer can be found in two dedicated catalogues that are available for download on the Institute’s website   JJP.