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      Innovating through law and regulation

      Innovating through law and regulation

      Legal innovation is key to the continuing success of the Luxembourg e-payments hub. Jean-Louis Schiltz, partner at Schiltz & Schiltz and Professor of Internet and Telecommunications Law at the University of Luxembourg is working closely with the ICT cluster to innovate through law and regulation.

      Ahead of his panel discussion "What type of regulation for virtual currencies?" at the ICT Spring Europe Conference on July 4, Jean-Louis Schiltz outlines why more and more companies active in the e-payments and virtual currency world are exploring the possibility of setting up their headquarters in Luxembourg.

      Jean-Louis Schiltz from Luxembourg For Finance on Vimeo.

      The ICT Spring Europe conference will gather more than 3,000 key decision makers in IT, finance, banking, web and marketing, as well as investors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups from over 60 countries. The programme focuses on "Innovating the Customer Experience" and showcases a range of talented new start-ups, and established global companies leading the way in their creation of innovative business models, cutting edge technology and pioneering customer channels that are transforming ICT in Financial Services.