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      International Real Estate investing: what comes next?

      International Real Estate investing: what comes next?

      The 25th edition of the real estate fair MIPIM takes place in Cannes from 11 to 14 March. On this occasion, Luxembourg for Finance is hosting the seminar “International Real Estate investing: what comes next?” showcasing Luxembourg as the leading European domicile for investments in international real estate. LFF spoke with Amaury Evrard, Partner at PwC Luxembourg and moderator of the panel discussion to give a snapshot of the Luxembourg Real Estate industry.

      • Given the importance of MIPIM and the great turnout with approx. 30,000 participants, how many Luxembourg professionals do you think find their way to Cannes and why?

      I'm not sure we will reach 30,000 participants this year but it is certainly a growing number which should reflect the growing confidence of the European real estate industry. With more than 250 participants coming from Luxembourg, Luxembourg demonstrates the vitality of this industry and the interest of its Real Estate professionals to meet the international Real Estate business community at MIPIM.

      • How far along is Luxembourg with the implementation of AIFMD and would you say that the regulator and industry are able to meet the relevant requirements and ensure that business continues with minimal impact?

      The industry and the regulator in Luxembourg have been very active in the last years to be at the forefront of the discussions and analysis around AIFMD implementation to minimise impact and leverage on the opportunities it brings. After a relatively slow start the filing and authorisation process is now accelerating and will allow the business to continue and grow further, while leveraging on Luxembourg's strong positioning.

      • How do you view the industry’s AIFMD readiness?

      The various players in the industry have taken the AIFMD opportunity to adapt or align their structure and procedures to the new requirements and possibly identify new innovative services. This early move is positioning Luxembourg as a leader in the alternative market.