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      A long-lasting contribution to Luxembourg society

      A long-lasting contribution to Luxembourg society

      The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg, Professor Stefan Braum, stated at the Faculty’s annual activity account that they are glad to finally have become an integral part of Luxembourg society.

      In particular, the close collaboration of the Luxembourg School of Finance (LSF) with Luxembourg’s financial centre players illustrates the Faculty’s commitment in making a lasting contribution to society. LSF is also continuously growing and will offer a new Master in Wealth Management in October, to respond to the needs of the financial community.

      The business education program aims to foster entrepreneurship and innovation. There are two expanding masters: the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Master in Accounting and Audit. The first one was conceived in co-operation with the Chamber of Commerce and is completed by students alternately at the University and the mentor companies. The strong partnership with Luxembourg’s Chamber of Commerce ensures that students remain connected to the national business community. In future, this professional bond will be strengthened.

      The main focus of the Faculty is the department of law. In an external evaluation the department was given the grade “Excellent”. This evaluation analyzed the quality of research produced by the University, especially in the field of European and Business law. Researchers and students have also been given the opportunity to contribute to the reforms of the Superior Court of Justice as well as to the National Court of Justice.

      The Faculty’s duty is to contribute to the development of the financial center by providing the scientific background. Future plans of the Faculty are to develop a master combining finance and law. This new master program would meet the need of the financial centre to have people qualified in both fields. This program is to be expected in 2015-2016. ME