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      Luxembourg has the highest economic potential

      Luxembourg has the highest economic potential

      Luxembourg city ranks number one for economic potential in the category "micro" in the latest study by fDI magazine, measuring the attractiveness of European cities and regions to foreign investors. The magazine, owned by the Financial Times group, also ranks Luxembourg's infrastructure as best in class.

      The attractiveness measure is based on incoming foreign investment, economic development and growth potential. The indicators are divided into 5 categories: economic potential, human resources and quality of life, costs, infrastructure, business friendliness. A sixth category includes policies that are implemented to promote foreign investment.

      Overall, there are four different classifications depending on the size of cities and regions. A distinction is made between "major", "large", "mid -sized ", "small" and "micro" cities (less than 100,000). The regions are also divided according to their size: "large", "medium" and "small" (less than 1.5 million).

      Luxembourg city is one of the cities considered as belonging to the category "micro" and "Luxembourg region" is classified as "small".