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      Luxembourg ranks 5th globally in talent competitiveness

      Luxembourg ranks 5th globally in talent competitiveness

      The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2013, encompassing 103 countries worldwide, ranks Luxembourg as the 5th most "talent competitive" country while Switzerland, Singapore and Denmark lead the top 3.

      Today, countries are competing globally to grow better talents, to attract the talents they need, and to retain those that bring  them competitiveness, innovation and growth, while seeking  to put economic and social policies in place that will facilitate  this. In such a context, governments, business and the various  components of civil society need quantitative instruments that can inform their decisions (as investors, employers, employees or job  seekers) and help them to design and implement better policies  in areas such as education, human resource management, and immigration, to name a few. This is the aim of the report, published by INSEAD Business school together with the Human capital leadership institute and Adecco.

      It is said that  "For a number of years, Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in the world, has demonstrated a remarkable ability to attract capital and talent through high levels of Internal and External Openness (for which it ranks 2nd overall); it also ranks 1st in the world for the prevalence of foreign ownership. These range of factors reflect the success of Luxembourg in attracting financial companies, as well as private and public organisations focusing on innovation."

      Read the full report by clicking here.