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      Make your career in Luxembourg’s financial industry

      Have you ever thought about working in Europe’s most international financial centre? We have just launched our new publication “Make your career in Luxembourg’s financial industry".

      The brochure features, amongst others, testimonials of people who have come to Luxembourg and are working in various industries of the financial centre, providing insights into their professional career and personal life in the Grand Duchy. To accompany the brochure, LFF has also published a film on living in Luxembourg and working in Europe’s most international financial centre.

      Luxembourg indeed has many faces: it is one of Europe’s leading financial centres, a European Union Capital and a country in which almost half of the population are foreigners. Combined with an efficient health and social security system, attractive salaries and outstanding natural beauty, Luxembourg is both a vibrant and a pleasant place to live and work.

      Career-wise, it is especially appealing to professionals of the financial sector as the Grand Duchy is an internationally recognised centre for fund management, corporate banking, wealth management, insurance, capital market activity and private equity services.

      Over the past 50 years, Luxembourg has built a financial industry that is uniquely specialised in cross-border activities, serving corporate and private clients from the EU and beyond. The country has developed specific products and services in a variety of sectors, designed to a high degree of complementarity to other financial centres that predominantly serve domestic markets. As a result, many financial services companies have chosen Luxembourg to set up their pan-European operations or competence centres.

      Together, they constitute a diverse ecosystem that generates a high degree of synergy between different industry segments, creates a broad range of job opportunities, and provides an ideal environment in which to launch a career in international finance.

      Read the brochure.

      Watch our video and hear from people who have chosen to come and work in Luxembourg’s financial industry!