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      Opportunities in Luxembourg for Islamic finance

      Opportunities in Luxembourg for Islamic finance

      Luxembourg is recognised as one of the leading European centres for Islamic finance with a long track record in the sector. It hosted the first Islamic finance institution more than 30 years ago and was the first European stock exchange to list a sukuk in 2002. Luxembourg for Finance has now published a brochure, Luxembourg Vehicles for Islamic Finance Structures, which contains a broad overview of the  legal framework for shariah compliant structures, their tax treatment and the professional services available in the financial centre.

      Two years ago, the Government set up a task force, charged with identifying obstacles to the development of Islamic finance. The group reported back favourably. Where shariah compliant investment is concerned, Luxembourg can offer a range of vehicles that address the specific needs of both investors and promoters.

      Today, Luxembourg is the leading non-Muslim domicile for shariah compliant investment funds and can rival any stock exchange in Europe for the number of sukuk issues listed.

      In this LFF brochure you will find information how to choose the best vehicle for various shariah compliant investment structures. It also includes sections on stock market quotations, takaful, wealth management, philanthropy, Islamic microfinance and tax.

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