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      Why Luxembourg is the Eurozone’s leading financial centre

      Luxembourg is the Eurozone’s leading financial centre. For those curious to learn how Luxembourg claimed the top spot, here are three key reasons behind its success …

      1. Diversified with a global outlook

      Luxembourg’s financial centre connects investors to the rest of the world. With a market that extends far beyond its borders, Luxembourg has become an important hub for major international financial institutions looking to expand their activities across Europe.  The financial centre’s unique cross-border expertise has attracted asset managers, private equity firms, wealth managers, banks, insurance companies, payment institutions and many other financial services providers from all over the world.

      2. Smart and forward-looking

      Luxembourg is the place to be if you want to innovate and tap into a vast pool of international multilingual talent. The Grand Duchy’s financial centre is the perfect launch pad for new products and services in a cross-border environment. Luxembourg has been a pioneer for many decades; from building Europe’s number 1 international fund distribution platform to being home to the first nationally licensed bitcoin exchange, from listing the world’s first Eurobond to the world’s first Green Bond.

      3. Stable and solid

      Luxembourg is a politically stable country, with a very low public debt, and an economy that has performed strongly over a long-term period. Growth in Luxembourg is consistently above the EU average. Our AAA rating demonstrates the global financial community’s confidence in the stability of Luxembourg and its competitiveness.