Events - 17.09.2020

Farad Finance Forum 2020

Organised by Farad

Farad Finance Forum 2020

Luxembourg for Finance will be present at the Farad Finance Forum 2020 ‘Green Ocean & the SDGs Opportunity’ to be held on Thursday, 17 September 2020 at Cercle Cité, Luxembourg.

The Farad Finance Forum distinguishes as a unique opportunity to get to know the major regulatory updates, legal framework and best practices examples from Luxembourg and European top players in the areas of banking, investment funds, asset management and insurance.

The focus in the morning and early afternoon session will be set on finance and funds, whereas from 4.00 pm the spotlight will be on insurance. Attendees will get a full insight of the newest trends in the business.

Philipp von Restorff, Deputy CEO of Luxembourg for Finance will hold a keynote speech at 9:35am.

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