Collaboration and Talent

Situated between France to the west, Belgium to the north and Germany to the east, Luxembourg has nearly five million potential workers living within a one-hour commute. EU freedom of movement also means they are entitled to cross borders to work in the Grand Duchy. As such, Luxembourg can draw on a deep pool of potential employees from the  surrounding regions. This is in addition to the international expat community that feels so at home in Luxembourg. Indeed, the country ranks second worldwide for attracting talent and fourth for retaining it.

The University of Luxembourg also has a strong industry collaboration focus and works closely with companies on joint projects that provide the opportunity for firms to  increase their competitive edge in an economy being rapidly changed by technology.

Working on concrete projects with companies ensures our research has an impact beyond the academic world, which is very rewarding. As we look towards the future, we will continue to build our momentum in Fintech while diversifying into the service industry; pursuing more partnerships with the insurance sector and regulatory bodies.

Björn Ottersten,
Director of SnT

Luxembourg has access to a large, highly skilled and multilingual talent pool

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  • Collaboration and Talent

    EU freedom of movement also means they are entitled to cross borders to work in the Grand Duchy

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