Beyond serving the local financial industry, Luxembourg is an outstanding launch pad for FinTech companies.
With a single licence, they can leverage the European Passport and do business in all the European member states.

The passporting of the licence is relatively straightforward while having cross-border regulatory arrangements is not always easy. However, the regulator is always open for discussion which is amazing to me. We have a very interactive dialogue – even when we propose something very new, they don't push it back. Rather, they look into it and start to discuss how to make things happen rather than rejecting it. The attitude is very positive, and that is helping us to expand our services.

Toshihiko Otsuka,
CEO, Rakuten Europe Bank

Luxembourg’s central location and multilingual society also make it an ideal place for companies looking for a European base to develop their business across the EU. This can be particularly useful for more mature companies, which have developed their products or services in another, often non-European market, and are seeking to broaden their client base. The European Union, with its 450 million consumers, offers a stable market – and Luxembourg, in its role as an EU gateway, is the perfect entry point.

Our role is to observe and to listen to the financial sector’s needs, and we will need to have very practical communication around the evolution of technology which its members envisage.

Marco Zwick,
Director, CSSF

Fintech as a service

Luxembourg’s established financial ecosystem is a key market for those B2B Fintechs which provide specific technology services to licensed financial institutions rather than being licensed as financial institutions themselves.

In order to help streamline the process, the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology and some of its members established the FIN5LAB, which offers due diligence and integration services. Fintechs or financial institutions can choose from a variety of due diligence checks depending on their needs. Luxembourg also offers a special regulated status for technology

service providers working in the financial services industry, the “Professional of the Financial Sector” (PFS), which allows them to supply a variety of support services to regulated financial services providers, including communications services and IT systems.

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    Beyond serving the local financial industry, Luxembourg is an outstanding launch pad for FinTech companies

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