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Building on its strengths as an established international financial centre, Luxembourg has developed into a hub for FinTechs looking to provide services to financial institutions. Its central location, multiculturalism and strong infrastructure also makes it the ideal entry gate to the EU for global fintechs looking to scale up in Europe.


Access to the European Single Market

Innovation-friendly regulation

Access to a leading international financial centre

Cutting-edge data infrastructure

Fintech’s growing role in Luxembourg

The financial services industry is in the midst of transformation. Changing customer preferences, increased regulation since the financial crisis, as well as a growing focus on sustainability, digitalisation and globalisation are all drivers of this paradigm shift. Technology is a key facilitator in all of these transformations.

FinTech companies based in Luxembourg

Financial technology innovation in Luxembourg has accelerated rapidly since the turn of the millennium, both among incumbent players harnessing new technology to generate new efficiencies and revenues, as well as through new entrants expanding Luxembourg’s financial centre into new service sectors.

Post Brexit, Luxembourg is the hub for serious Fintechs in the EU.

Anders la Cour
CEO, Banking Circle

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