Corporate Social Responsibility

Luxembourg for Finance attaches great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility. Our CSR strategy provides the framework to meet the environmental, social, and governance goals we have set.

LFF has been granted the Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) label by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR). The label offers us the opportunity to further grow operations and external activities while formalising our adherence to ESG factors. It also underlines how we actively contribute to our aim of ensuring that the Luxembourg financial centre continues to be one of the engines of sustainability in Europe.

LFF not only vigorously embeds ESG initiatives within our organisation, we also strive to support the Financial Centre’s ambition of financing a sustainable future by focusing on innovation, qualitative growth and stability.

We focus, in particular, on climate finance as it plays a key role in the transition to a net-zero carbon, climate smart and sustainable future. The agency also places emphasis on factors such as the respect of human rights within financial services and good governance.

Our CSR strategy has a range of priorities, that include among others:


  • Ensuring that sound governance and accountability constitute the foundation of all our activities
  • Operating in a clear and transparent manner, while ensuring professionalism and strong work ethics


  • Including human rights considerations in our decision-making processes and when engaging and working with stakeholders
  • Empowering our employees and ensuring they are engaged at work, as well as supporting their growth and development through regular training


  • Ensuring sustainability is at the heart of all of our activities and our communication efforts
  • Continually reviewing and improving our environmental impact on various levels, including operations, energy and water, communications, events, procurement, travel, food, recycling, cleaning, and others.