News - 23.04.2024

Luxembourg remains EU’s number 1 green financial centre

  • Sustainable Finance

Luxembourg has retained its leading position within the EU relating to green finance, with the latest Global Green Finance Index (GGFI 13) reconfirming Luxembourg’s place as the number one EU green financial centre. Luxembourg fared well across all four areas of competitiveness highlighted within the index, however in particular within the Human Capital and Business areas where it is positioned first and second respectively.

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Commenting on the results, Nicolas Mackel, CEO of Luxembourg for Finance, noted that “financial centres are the epicentres of change in greening global finance and the results of the latest GGFI confirming Luxembourg’s role in this are testament to the work that continues to be undertaken in the Grand Duchy. Nonetheless, the journey towards sustainability requires continual innovation and collaboration globally to truly transform financial services into agents of environmental stewardship.”