Futuring finance

Luxembourg's financial cenre is ready for the future

Futuring is about building on experience and anticipating future needs. An established global financial centre at the heart of Europe, Luxembourg prides itself on open-mindedness and efficiency. From these key features a strong track record of innovation and adaptation have flowed naturally, making the Grand Duchy a surefooted financial hub, even in changing times. Cross-border expertise, twinned with a fine-tuned understanding of the conditions needed for financial services to thrive, makes Luxembourg the AAA-rated destination for companies and investors.

Futuring Finance

Futuring is about building on experience and anticipating future needs. Reflecting the shifting global economy, banking continues to evolve rapidly, becoming more diverse, technically demanding and borderless, every day. Home to more than 140 international banks, Luxembourg is uniquely positioned in the EU to offer products and services with global reach. Whether serving private clients, corporations or even tomorrow’s ‘circular economy’, banks here benefit from the support of a diverse network of talent and technology, backed by years of experience as the quintessential meeting point between European and global markets.


Futuring is about building on experience and anticipating future needs. Global capital flows continue to grow in strength, bringing investment to businesses around the world. As Europe’s leading fund hub and the home of global fund distribution, Luxembourg is working hard at the centre of this process. Each day, Luxembourg’s highly efficient fund services environment connects with retail and institutional investors across the world and channels capital into productive use, bolstering global prosperity and stability. With a particular focus on the next generation of investors, the asset management’s dynamism is being fine-tuned by the development of new technologies. It’s no accident that the first fund transaction using blockchain technology was completed in Luxembourg. The fund industry will become global, digital and green. Luxembourg will be there every step of the way.


Futuring is about building on experience and anticipating future needs. Insurance is inextricably linked to the future, but it’s not a profession which involves gazing into a crystal ball. Assessment of risk has become a science which tames an almost limitless set of variables and data. Luxembourg provides the insurer with a steady base to manage these variables. The country’s economic, legal and regulatory stability mesh with a fine-grained choice of tools and talents to understand interconnected risk and prepare for uncertainty. This is an outward looking nation. With the overwhelming majority of written premiums being for international clients, Luxembourg is the EU centre for cross border insurance. Home to a dedicated insurance regulator, well versed in trans-national projects, Luxembourg is serious about the business of protecting the future.


Futuring is about building on experience and anticipating future needs. To flourish, innovation needs an environment that’s ‘just right’. A place where fresh ideas are valued, new approaches are developed and the tools are available to turn ideas into reality. Luxembourg has proven itself to be such a place in the past, and it’s doing so again now. Here, finance and technology are evolving together, fast. It’s no coincidence that many FinTech pioneers have chosen to offer their financial products and services across the EU from Luxembourg. They belong to a growing community of FinTech entrepreneurs working together with banks, insurers and asset managers to turbo-boost a whole new digital ecosystem for finance.


Futuring is about building on experience and anticipating future needs. Everyone knows we need solutions for a sustainable future. Home to the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) – the first and only dedicated platform for sustainable, social and green securities – Luxembourg has long been a pioneer in sustainable finance. Luxembourg is the primary centre for listing green bonds and the leading European domicile for responsible and impact funds. A pioneer in cross-border fund distribution and sustainable finance labels, Luxembourg offers a new generation of investors the instruments needed to finance positive, sustainable change.