Why Luxembourg


Connecting business and finance across the globe

During the last fifty years, globalisation has fundamentally changed the world. New technologies, the internet and social networks span the entire planet, connecting people, companies and governments.While trade and finance flows have created a tightly interconnected global economy, the physical, legal and fiscal boundaries have not yet disappeared. Even in a Europe that adopted the Single Market 25 years ago and a single currency 15 years ago, each country continues to be governed by rules and practices that correspond to its history, economy, geography and culture.

Already long before these transformations reshaped the global economy, Luxembourg had understood the importance of building bridges between markets. Decades of international expertise combined with state-of-the-art infrastructure make Luxembourg today one of the EU’s leading destinations for investors and companies alike.


Highest-ranked country in the world in access to technology and 3rd best connectivity in the EU

The Network Readiness Index 2019, EU Digital Economy and Society Index 2020


The global web of economic interconnections between countries and companies is growing ever larger and more complex. Luxembourg supports requiring financial professionals with cross-border expertise.

The Luxembourg financial centre is solution-driven and provides a complete range of services. Thanks to a stable and well-regulated environment and a unique toolbox of investment vehicles, Luxembourg helps investors achieve their international ambitions.

People in Luxembourg are multilingual, and English is the main business language. Companies from all over the world feel at home here. As a recognised EU hub for international banks, home of the global fund industry and one of Europe’s core capital market infrastructures, Luxembourg connects international investors with Europe and European investors with the world.


Luxembourg is a leading economic player that offers quality infrastructure and services to connect business with the digital world. A wide range of sectors, from space and satellites to finance and logistics, rely on state-of-the-art connectivity in Luxembourg.

Taking advantage of the country’s central geographical location, the government has invested strategically in order to create a world-class digital environment. Luxembourg has one of the most modern data centre parks in Europe with low-latency connections to all of the major European internet hubs.

For those who prefer face-to-face over digital meetings, it is easy to get around in Luxembourg. Business people can attend several meetings in a day. Luxembourg Findel airport is just 15 minutes away from the city centre, offering international reach with the convenience of an uncongested airport. Within an hour you can access major European cities such as London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam or Zurich.