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The Luxembourg financial centre

Where international business and finance feel at home
Van Biesen

Diversified with global reach

The Luxembourg financial centre offers a diverse range of financial services connecting investors and markets around the world.

The financial centre’s unique cross-border expertise attracts financial service providers from around the globe, while Luxembourg’s capital markets infrastructure makes it the ideal place for companies of all sizes to finance their European and global activities.


Smart and forward-looking

From building Europe’s number one international fund distribution platform, to the listing of the world’s first Green Bond, Luxembourg has been a pioneer for many decades.

With its large pool of multilingual talent, the Grand Duchy’s financial centre is a perfect launch pad for new products and services requiring cross-border appeal.


Stable and solid

Luxembourg is politically stable, it has very low public debt, and an economy with proven staying power, consistently outperforming the EU average.

The global financial community has recognised Luxembourg’s sustained competitive edge with AAA credit ratings.

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