News - 01.10.2019

ATTF: 20 years of international knowledge transfer

  • The Financial Centre

The Financial Technology Transfer Agency, which aims to promote development and foster financial inclusion through training, is celebrating its 20th birthday.

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Established in 1999 with the support of the Luxembourg government, the ATTF has evolved into a highly appreciated agency, delivering development assistance programmes and providing knowledge transfer to a selected list of emerging or developing countries.

So far, the ATTF has delivered more than 2,000 training seminars (of which approximately 330 took place in Luxembourg) and has trained more than 30,000 people from over 40 countries. To do its work, the ATTF relies on a network of more than 250 experts from the financial sector in Luxembourg.

Our participants, who come from all over the world, sign up for classes to acquire knowledge, but they leave with much more. Our experts explain to them not just “what” to do but “how” to implement what they learn. They create new international contacts, pick up best practice tips from a large international financial center and, wherever possible, terminate their training with a recognised diploma” notes Ben Lyon, Director, House of Training and Head of ATTF Services.

Since 2016, the activities of the ATTF have been delivered by the House of Training, resulting in significant synergies and has brought a strong international dimension to its overall training activities.

The House of Training offers vocational training courses serving local and international needs in the domains of banking, finance and capital markets. Many of these courses are used as a basis for the delivery of the ATTF’s programmes either in Luxembourg or abroad.

In 2019, the ATTF will organise more than 820 days of training for more than 2250 participants. Around 12 « multinational » ATTF seminars have been planned for delivery in Luxembourg whilst one hundred more ATTF training programmes will have taken place until the end of the year in the countries of the beneficiaries, located all around the world.

Thanks to the long-standing relationships built up over the last 20 years between the ATTF and the countries it works with, Luxembourg has been able to develop a close working relationship with foreign regulatory authorities, central bankers, banks associations and individual companies, further strengthening the international network of the Grand Duchy.