News - 08.07.2024

Focus on Hiring Leaders

  • The Financial Centre

The management of the future is being shaped today. The financial sector is in search of talents with increasingly extensive skills, skills that also become obsolete more quickly. This challenge is particularly complex when preparing a generation for leadership roles, capable of mobilising staff towards goals that add value to both the company and individuals.

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Our “Focus On” livestream, dedicated to the recruitment and preparation of new leaders, explored the strategies employed by financial sector players. A key piece of advice from the speakers was the importance of clearly communicating the company’s objectives and the mission expected of the new recruits.

The next step is the training phase for the recruits. “The world has changed, and we need to train our managers in new skills, such as managing remote teams. Developing future leaders’ skills is a crucial element that we achieve through various programmes; including international experiences or co-leadership work with managers who are about to leave,” explains Camille Olléon, HR Director, HSBC Continental Europe.

Gwladys Costant, Partner at the Luxembourg recruitment agency GoToFreedom and Co-President of the fr2S federation, highlights the mistakes still made in recruiting leaders. “We must dare to take risks. Aim for profiles of people capable of doing the job rather than those who are fully operational. And stop relying on a pyramid hierarchy to promote people to leadership positions. Skills evolve very quickly; we need true experts.” Regarding the essential skill for the future, she is unequivocal: “to know yourself. Knowing what you are truly competent at to act naturally.”

The issue of talent recruitment must also involve the company’s top management, including board members. “They must be transparent about the company’s project and the role expected of a new leader. Likewise, they must define the desired profile by looking to the future, not the past,” emphasises Gabriela Nguyen-Groza, managing partner at Amrop Luxembourg.