News - 21.02.2024

Focus On Long-Term investing

  • The Financial Centre

The volatility that characterises the world of today is evident, with the vast majority of international, social, and environmental occurences having a direct influence on the global economy, markets and, ultimately, on investor behaviour. Faced with this uncertainty, inflation that has only just stabilised, and relatively high interest rates, what role can long-term investment still play? It has long been the preferred choice of individuals, businesses, financial professionals and public authorities alike. Our recent Focus On livestream was devoted to answering this question.

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The world has taken a turn marked by deglobalisation and the decarbonisation of economies. These are issues that can only be addressed over the long term, opening the way for long-term investment. Our expert speakers made it clear that, despite the ups and downs of the financial markets, investing for the long term is still the best way of ensuring an attractive return on your investment.
Faced with the enormous needs of the energy transition, the European Union is also pushing in this direction. The second version of the ELTIF (European Long Term Investment Fund), in force since January 2024, aims to offer long-term investment solutions in the world of hedge funds that can include retail investors thanks to a simplification of the rules. Recent expressions of interest are encouraging.

View the full replay here.