News - 19.04.2023

Focus On RegTech

  • FinTech

A strong risk management system, as well as comprehensive compliance and governance systems are critical to the smooth operations of the financial sector. Recent events in the global financial ecosystem have only served to emphasise this. Our “Focus On RegTech” livestream delved into the technologies that help ensure financial firms are able to cope with growing requirements in this space.

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Nicole Sandler, Head of Digital Policy at Barclays, opened the event by focusing on two key aspects relating to RegTech – cost efficiencies that stem from reducing the manual input when it comes to compliance and risk activities, as well as certain operational areas where RegTech is providing significant benefits.

Anna Buisman from the TMF Group and Ian Atkinson from engaged in an enriching discussion on the operational challenges that organisations face when implementing new technological solutions to cope with the ever-changing regulatory environment. They were followed by Oscar Farres, Head of VC at the EIF, who emphasised that while investment volumes in the growth stage, therefore affecting many RegTech firms, may have declined given the current macroeconomic environment, they are likely to rise again soon. This is due to several reasons, including the strong performance of European RegTech firms and the maturity of the asset class.

Luca Mancuso from the LHoFT and Raoul Mulheims from Finologee highlighted the current and future challenges that compliance managers face, detailing how technological solutions can ease current KYC and other obligations. Finally, Karen O’Sullivan provided the regulators perspective highlighting their view on the market, how they engage with these technologies and firms who are using them, and what benefits they might bring.

To watch the replay, click here.