News - 24.01.2019

Fondation de Luxembourg: 10 years of serving philanthropy

  • Sustainable Finance

On 22 January 2019, Fondation de Luxembourg celebrated its 10th anniversary. Created in December 2008 by the Luxembourg government and the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grand-Duchesse Charlotte, to meet the growing need for a centre of expertise in philanthropy in Luxembourg, the core mission of Fondation de Luxembourg is to promote philanthropic commitment by private persons and companies.

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Over the last decade, the Fondation has created 80 foundations accounting for 200 million in philanthropic engagements. The focus areas of these foundations are health and research, poverty and social cohesion, culture and diversity, universal education as well as biodiversity and climate change. While close to half of founders come from Luxembourg, the rest originate from all over Europe.

Fondation de Luxembourg supports and guides donors in their philanthropic engagements, acts as an expert and adviser for the donors’ projects and enables donors to set up a sheltered foundation under its aegis. This means that donors are able to set up foundations, which have their own legal personality, much faster and have the Fondation de Luxembourg take care of the administration of the foundation, while donors can focus all of their energy on their philanthropic projects.