News - 09.05.2017

Hiscox is moving its EU base to Luxembourg

  • Insurance

Today, Hiscox announced that it will establish its new European subsidiary in Luxembourg following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

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Hiscox joins leading US insurers AIG and FM Global, who have also chosen Luxembourg as their new EU base to ensure that they can continue to serve their European client base without interruption.

According to Hiscox, Luxembourg was chosen thanks to its pro-business position, strong financial services experience and well-respected regulator, as well as its geographic proximity to many of Hiscox’s major markets.

With roots dating back to 1901, Hiscox is a leading global specialist insurer and with a strong international presence and offices in 14 countries across the world. It has specialised in underwriting a broad range of risks from hacking and kidnapping to satellite damage and political risks.