News - 26.06.2019

Luxembourg for Finance and Toronto Finance International Renew Strategic Partnership

  • The Financial Centre

Luxembourg for Finance (LFF), the development agency for the country’s financial sector, and Toronto Finance International (TFI), the public-private partnership between Canada’s largest financial services institutions and the government, today renewed their commitment to pursue a strategic partnership between their respective financial services industries with the updating and re-signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

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The agreement accounts for a mutual exchange of information on market trends as well as research and information which relate to each city’s expertise.

Due to LFF’s and TFI’s burgeoning expertise in sustainable finance, fintech and asset management, these are three key sectors which are due to benefit from today’s agreement along with the broader financial services sector.

In addition to facilitating a smooth exchange of information and assistance in organising events and conferences in Luxembourg and Toronto, the MoU also anticipates programmes which will facilitate financial delegations from each jurisdiction.

Nicolas Mackel, CEO, LFF, said “On the day of our second Sustainable Finance Forum, we are delighted to be able to strengthen our partnership with TFI, an organisation which shares our values, aims and ambitions to be global financial leaders in sustainable finance, fintech and asset management. We are excited about the opportunities our partnership will bring: sharing ideas, information and talent which bodes well for a bright and productive future.”

Jennifer Reynolds, President and CEO, TFI, said: “We are very pleased to re-sign today’s MoU with LLF at their Sustainable Finance Forum – a great example of global financial centres and industry experts coming together to discuss opportunities to align financial policies to support clean growth and sustainable economies. Today’s MoU signing signifies our ongoing pursuit of global financial services collaboration with LFF and continued development of mutually beneficial activities to grow our respective markets.”