News - 09.02.2021

Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative strategy launch

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February 9th marked a noteworthy day for Luxembourg through the launch of the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative (LSFI) strategy. This strategy will act as the action plan, based on the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Roadmap recommendations, to promote and support the financial centre’s transition toward sustainability. Philipp von Restorff, Deputy CEO of Luxembourg for Finance, noted that the day “marked a milestone in the marathon that we all have to run” and the “the launch underlies Luxembourg’s commitment towards building a sustainable and circular economy.”

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Philipp was joined by their excellencies Carole Dieschbourg, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, and Pierre Gramegna, Minister of Finance, as well as Nicoletta Centofanti, Sustainability Adviser at the LSFI on the occasion of the launch.

The LSFI was founded in January 2020 by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance and the Minitry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, as well as Luxembourg for Finance and the High Council for Sustainable Development. The LSFI aims to provide the impetus to transform the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Roadmap into concrete and measurable actions. Its mission is fourfold:

1. To raise awareness, promote and help develop sustainable finance initiatives across all levels of society, be it civil society, the financial sector and government.
2. To act as a coordinating entity and central contact point for all sustainable finance actors.
3. To promote Luxembourg’s role as a lead international hub for sustainable finance.
4. To elaborate and implement the Sustainable Finance Strategy.

In order to do so, the LSFI has underscored three pillars of importance in its strategy, namely awareness and promotion, unlocking potential and measuring progress. More information can be found on these pillars on the LSFI website.

Minister Gramegna highlighted the important role that finance plays, saying that “without finance, you cannot achieve great tasks. Luxembourg is a trendsetter and an actor in this marathon we are running, and while we might be at the very beginning Luxembourg is ready to participate and lead.” Minister Dieschbourg emphasised that “sustainability requires action by all – from civil society, the financial sector, government ministries, and large intergovernmental agencies. It is a critical step that we take to reorient financial flows to achieve the goals set out at COP 21.

Watch the replay here and read the full press release here