News - 16.07.2021

Replay: Focus On Governance

Our final Focus On event before the 2021 summer break saw us explore the important topic of Governance. Long a priority in Luxembourg, the event began by providing the regulator’s perspective on governance. Karen O’Sullivan, Head of Innovation, Payments, Market Infrastructure and Governance at the CSSF, highlighted the importance of internal governance and the board of directors in setting the tone from the top all the way through the entity.


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Our first panel of the event focused on the role of boards in setting the right strategy for a sustainable business. Carine Feipel, Independent Director and Chair of ILA, David Arendt, Partner at The Directors’ Office, Sophie Öberg, Deputy Director of IMS Luxembourg, and Raymond Schadeck, Chairman of L’Université dans la Nature – Montreal and Luxembourg, discussed this topic at a time when businesses are under pressure to deliver both financial and non-financial objectives.

Our final panel of the day delved into the increasingly complex operating environment financial firms find themselves within and how boards are able to properly execute control in these times. Georges Bock, Founder and CEO of invesTRe, Fernand Grulms, Independent Director, and Susanna Schartz, COO of Seqvoia, highlighted the importance of adopting and understanding new technologies at a board level to ensure firms operate efficiently.

For more information or to watch the full replay, click here.