News - 19.05.2022

Replay: Focus on Wealth Management

  • Banking

In this Focus On event dedicated to Wealth Management, we reviewed a number of new challenges faced by wealth managers: technological transformation, generational wealth transfer and increasingly volatile markets in a sensitive macroeconomic context.

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In the first panel dedicated to the international role of private banking, Falk Fischer, CEO of Bank Julius Baer Europe, Luca Derlin, Head of International Private Banking at Deutsche Bank and Olga Bogdanova, Director – Head of Investment Counselling at Citi Private Bank Luxembourg were reassuring, noting that the sector had significant capacity to face the current challenges such as inflation, the war in Ukraine or the climate crisis.

Pascal Rapallino, President of LAFO (Luxembourg Association of Family Offices), highlighted the challenges that await these often-young structures. The most important of which will undoubtedly be the important transfer of wealth between the baby boomers and the new generation.

The third panel focused on technological developments in wealth management. Adina Grigoriu, CEO of Active Asset Allocation, Gaëlle Haag, CEO of Capitana and Bertrand Kauffmann, Global Head of Market Solutions and Chief Digital Officer at Societe Generale Luxembourg, emphasised the role innovation can play in terms of providing new solutions to a, nowadays, much more well-informed clientele.

Finally, Christian Gibot, CEO of Cardif Lux Vie and the new President of the Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Association (ACA), closed the conference by explaining how the life insurance industry benefits from the collaboration of the various players in the Luxembourg ecosystem.

Watch the replay here.