News - 28.02.2022

Standing with Ukraine

Last week, Russia started a war of aggression against its neighbour Ukraine. Whatever the grievances, unleashing tanks and bombers to kill innocent people is not acceptable.

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So far, the war has not gone according to Mr. Putin’s plans. While he may have thought Russia’s military force could have achieved their aims quickly, their perceived strength has been severely dented by the determination of valiant Ukrainians, who have shown they will not hand over their country without a fight. The Ukrainian people and their President have our respect and sympathy for their bravery and dignity.

Mr. Putin moreover may have thought that “might makes right” and that the Western democratic world would be incapable of countering his actions. Today, he must see that this belief was misguided. The economic power of Europe and its allies can throw quite a punch because the arsenal of democracy is today also made up of economic and financial tools that have more power than large tank columns.

The measures adopted by the EU and its allies will inevitably have economic consequences for our economies, but Europe is today more united than ever and we are ready to bear these consequences because if we don’t stop Mr. Putin’s aggression, he will not stop at Ukraine.

Mr. Putin – end this war now!