News - 30.10.2020

Replay: Sustainable Finance Forum

  • Sustainable Finance

The Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Forum went virtual this year and over the course of three days, we hosted decision-makers and leading sustainable finance experts from across the globe. Judith Bogner was again on-hand to guide us through proceedings.

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Please click on the images below to watch the Replay videos (one per day) of the third edition of the Sustainable Finance Forum 2020:

DAY 1: Sustainability beyond Covid-19

The theme for the day was “Sustainability beyond Covid-19”. Keynote speakers, including former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna, discussed the importance of sustainable finance in Europe and abroad, its place in the broader context, and whether we truly want to save the world. The panel had a lively discussion on the topic of “Looking into the future: a view from the industry post Covid-19”.

In a special addition to the programme, we featured the Ring-the-bell Ceremony for the EU SURE Social Bond hosted by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Commissioner Johannes Hahn were keynote speakers and discussed the future of sustainable finance and the role that the Luxembourg Green Exchange plays globally, as well as the importance of the EU SURE programme for financing part of Europe’s recovery.

DAY 2: The European Green Deal: What next?

Day 2 saw discussions and speeches on the topic of “The European Green Deal: What next?”. Insights from our keynote speaker included what the European Commission is looking into after the EU Taxonomy and the importance of sustainable assets for asset managers. The panel focused on the EU taxonomy and whether or not it will truly help financial markets become more sustainable.

DAY 3: Financing the transition towards a sustainable future

The final day of our proceedings turned more towards the real economy and the topic of “Financing the transition towards a sustainable future.” Keynote speeches looked at what we can learn from first movers in the space of sustainable finance, how human rights is increasingly being considered by financial firms, and the impact that COVID-19 has had on the green and inclusive transition. The panel discussion then turned to the critical role that financial services plays in financing the transition to a sustainable future.

Nicolas Mackel, CEO of Luxembourg for Finance, closed the conference by noting that we are at the beginning of the process and that while we still have a long way to go the glass is half full. Discussing the need to build back better, he issued a call to action by stating that the “financial industry will need to rise to the occasion and we need all hands on deck.”