News - 12.06.2017

The contribution of Luxembourg’s financial centre to the European economy

  • The Financial Centre

Study by Oxford Economics explores how the Luxembourg financial centre supports the European economy and benefits Europe’s businesses and citizens.

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Luxembourg is home to one of Europe’s leading international financial centres. Thanks to its unique expertise in providing cross-border financial services and products, Luxembourg plays an essential role in connecting European and global markets and bringing investments to Europe.

A recently published report by Oxford Economics sets out to explain the connection between the activities of the Luxembourg financial centre and the European economy. It explores how the financial centre supports the functioning of the European economy and financial system, whether in helping governments to finance public infrastructure or making it easier for businesses and households to access capital, invest and grow.

The report identifies the benefits the Luxembourg financial centre brings across the entire range of services – investment funds, banking, capital markets and insurance – illustrating each using data analysis and case studies.

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