News - 28.04.2023

UNICEF Action in Ukraine: Over One Year Later

At the time of publishing this article, it has been 427 days since the start of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. 427 days of senseless violence, trauma, destruction, and displacement which have affected every single person who call Ukraine their home.


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UNICEF jumped into action at the beginning of the conflict with the aim of supporting children and families on the ground in Ukraine, significantly expanding systems that were already in place well before the start of the conflict in 2014. Soon after the Russian invasion, UNICEF Luxembourg approached LFF to assist in raising donations from the financial community. After LFF’s donation appeal to its community, over €178,000 have thus far been raised to support UNICEF’s efforts in Ukraine by providing life-saving supplies to children and their families in need. These include learning supplies, mental health support, access to clean water, food, winter clothing, hygiene kits and essential medicine.

Additionally, those contributions have also helped UNICEF and its work for children in neighbouring countries, where Ukrainian children and their families have found refuge from the conflict and the violence. It includes anti-trafficking training for border guards, the purchase of medical supplies, setting up protection centres for children, and the coordination of reception centres in countries across Europe to offer support for families along the most travelled migration routes.

UNICEF and LFF would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to helping this pivotal work during the time of crisis. The war continues and thus donations remain welcome.

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