Events - 09.11.2022

FT Live Future of Asset Management Europe

Organised by FT Live

FT Live Future of Asset Management Europe

Luxembourg for Finance is proud to support the FT Live “Future of Asset Management Europe” taking place in London as a hybrid event on 9 November 2022.

As we begin to reach a middle ground between managing an ongoing pandemic, establishing a new way of working and exploiting new opportunities, the dust is starting to settle for many European asset managers. Despite early signs of stability, matters around global supply shortages, inflation and political turmoil are set to throw this newfound optimism off course, where only those that adapt and innovate will come out triumphant. With new trends around greater investment in private markets, expanding service offerings and building company cultures to support new mergers and dynamic teams, the new era for asset management shows promising signs.

Hosted by the Financial Times, in collaboration with Ignites Europe, this year’s Future of Asset Management Europe will assemble the industry’s leading voices from the top asset management firms across Europe, FT Group Editors and leading regulatory bodies to deliver key insights and strategies to equip asset managers with what is needed to survive the next phase of regional and global market shifts.

Nasir Zubairi, CEO of the LHoFT Foundation, will join the panel on “Structural changes and the digital shift: reshaping the operating environment with technology” at 15:55 GMT / 16:55 CET.

For more event details and registration please use this link.