Events - 17.11.2021

FT Live The Future of Europe: Building a Strategy for Innovation, Values and Jobs

Organised by FT Live

FT Live The Future of Europe: Building a Strategy for Innovation, Values and Jobs

Luxembourg for Finance is participating in the second event of the FT Live series on “Future of Europe: Building a Strategy for Innovation, Values and Jobs” on 17 November 2021 from 13:00 to 17:00 GMT (14:00 to 18:00 CET).

The Covid-19 pandemic has trained a spotlight on every aspect of our life – from the way we live to the way we consume, shop and invest. Trends that were already emerging have accelerated, driven by advances in technology. Now, as Europe looks to rebuild after the pandemic, technology and innovation will play a crucial role in creating jobs, opportunities and growth.

Digital transformation, cloud-based technologies, machine learning, big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are revolutionising businesses and public sector organisations. With the right policies in place, these technologies have the power to be a force for good: connecting people, enabling wide-scale access to services and solutions, and speeding up processes. As a result, Europe now has an opportunity to accelerate digitalisation, but it is looking to do so in a way that affirms its values and serves its citizens.

The Financial Times is bringing together government and business leaders, public policy experts and investors to discuss the policies, strategies and investments needed to drive innovation, skills and jobs for future recovery while continuing to reflect European values and standards. During this third and final event in the FT Future of Europe series, we will explore how the rise of tech firms has changed the employment landscape and how policy makers can support the new world of jobs and skills to ensure no one is left behind. We will also look at how innovation will support post-pandemic rebuilding in an equitable way against a backdrop of increased competition from China.

Join the live webinar to examine why it’s important to develop the right policy framework to ensure digitalisation delivers on fairness and accessibility for all; to examine the policies being enacted for big tech; the investments in digital skills and solutions necessary to reduce the digital divide, create opportunities and promote growth; the opportunities to create the next generation of entrepreneurs; and to find out how European industry is developing the ability to innovate and create jobs and growth for its people.

For more information and free registration, please visit the event website at Future of Europe.