A little piece of Luxembourg everywhere

— 07.09.2015

Filmed made by www.playdead.tv – a visual studio focused on intelligent storytelling and communication through beautiful motion design, animation and visual effects.

Luxembourg for Finance and Luxembourg for Business have launched a new animated video “ A little piece of Luxembourg everywhere” demonstrating that the country, in addition to being a leading financial centre, plays a prominent role in a wide range of industries. While financial services play an important role, accounting for 25% of GDP, other sectors such as steel production, IT, health technologies, logistics and car components are all highly developed. In the animation, you will see that there is a little piece of Luxembourg everywhere from city skylines to cars and even in space. Giant high strength steel beams – the kinds used in the new Freedom Towers in New York — are produced in Luxembourg. The advanced architectural glass used in the construction of the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, the world´s tallest building was made in Luxembourg. Hazmat suits protecting health care works fighting the deadly Ebola virus outbreak are designed and made in Luxembourg. The country is also home to the world´s largest satellite operator, SES, bringing television to hundreds of millions of homes around the world. Luxembourg´s economy is today a balanced blend of high value-added manufacturing, retail and e-commerce, communications and logistics services, and financial services with a focus on exporting goods and services to and throughout the European Union and beyond. We invite you to watch our new film on our video blog and find out more about what Luxembourg has to offer around the world.

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