“Luxembourg in the EU Single Market: Offering you a world of choice”

— 26.01.2016

Made by Playdead.tv

“ Luxembourg in the EU Single Market: Offering you a world of choice” shows how the internal market offers European citizens more choice in almost every area, including the choice to benefit from Luxembourg’s unique expertise in cross-border finance. In the animation, you will see how borderless Europe is lived and breathed in Luxembourg on a daily basis. Every day, nearly half of the workforce drives in from the neighbouring countries and more than 220’000 foreigners from other EU countries call Luxembourg their home. But it’s not just people that feel at home in Luxembourg. Many companies have chosen Luxembourg as a base for their European activities, whether in industry or finance. They have set up their headquarters here to do business all over the European Single Market. The video explains how thanks to a set of common European rules, citizens can move freely throughout the EU to work and live. In Europe you are not only free to buy a car manufactured by a German company or have your website designed by a Swedish communication agency, you can also save up for retirement by investing in a Luxembourg mutual fund, plan for your children’s future by subscribing to a Luxembourg life insurance policy or have part of your wealth managed by a bank in Luxembourg. Luxembourg has developed a unique expertise in financial services, where it can offer an unrivalled choice of cross-border services and products. It is today Europe’s leading investment fund center, one of the leading wealth management centers and Luxembourg’s Stock Exchange is the global leader in international bond listings. We invite you to watch our new film and find out more about how Luxembourg is offering choice to consumers and allowing businesses to access over 500 million consumers in 28 countries.

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