Events - 18.06.2024

Focus on Corporate Finance

Organised by Luxembourg for Finance

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Focus on Corporate Finance

Luxembourg for Finance invites you to join our livestream session:

Tuesday, 18 June 2024
10:00-11:00 CEST

The corporate finance sector has rapidly evolved, driven by innovations such as AI and blockchain that are streamlining financial processes, and the rise of ESG which is reshaping firms’ investment strategies and reporting. At the same time, regulatory changes and shifting macroeconomic conditions have brought new complexities to the fore and corporations are having to remain agile and resilient in their strategic planning.

Our upcoming Focus On Corporate Finance livestream explores this evolving landscape, bringing together industry leaders, financial experts, and thought leaders to delve into the most pressing trends and challenges facing the sector. From the latest developments in corporate banking to the complexities of M&A dealmaking in 2024, as well as a thorough analysis of securitisation’s critical role in today’s financial markets, the event promises a unique deep-dive into an ever-evolving industry.

For sponsorship opportunities and information regarding the event, please contact: Tatjana Schaefer



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