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      Organised by Bloomberg
      Bloomberg Investment Summit 2019

      Luxembourg for Finance is co-hosting the Bloomberg Investment Summit 2019 at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg bringing together over 200 senior investment professionals, private bankers, advisors and wealth managers to discuss the key trends of the upcoming year.

      The event will engage thought-provoking people in finance, economics, and markets to tackle the most complicated issues head-on, helping institutional investors make profitable decisions in 2018 and beyond.

      It will also bring answers to the following main questions:

      • Asset allocation: Are we, investors, waiting for the storm ?
      • Technology reshaping finance
      • Alternative Investment and industry trends. Are we in a bubble ?

      The summit will include expert interviews, panel discussions, breakout sessions to exchange fresh ideas and will be followed by a networking lunch reception.

      Registration and further details can be found at the Bloomberg website