News - 01.10.2018

Luxembourg continues to rank among the top 3 financial centres in the EU

  • The Financial Centre

Luxembourg is ranked as one of the top 3 financial centres in the EU, according to three different rankings that were recently published: the Global Financial Centres Index 24, the New Financial International Financial Centres Index, as well as the latest Global Green Finance Index (GGFI).

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The Global Financial Centres Index 24, published by Z/Yen in London, reconfirmed Luxembourg’s top 3 spot after London and Frankfurt, taking into account a wide range factors of competitiveness, such as business environment, human capital, reputation, infrastructures and financial sector development.

Luxembourg’s leading position as a financial centre was also highlighted in the inaugural edition of the New Financial International Financial Centres Index ranking Luxembourg as the 2nd financial centre in the European Union, after the UK. In terms of international activity, Luxembourg even ranks 3rd globally behind the US and UK but ahead of major European and Asian financial centres such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany or Finance.

The country’s continuously strong position in these two indexes reflects the stability of the country’s international financial centre and its continued growth, with major additional international institutions choosing to set up all or part of their EU activities in Luxembourg, particularly in the context of Brexit.

Finally yet importantly, Luxembourg ranks among the top green financial centres in the latest global Green Finance Index (GGFI) measuring how financial centres contribute to the creation of a more sustainable global economy.